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The People: Day 5

Left behinds

To count down the days to my Rosebud CD Release Concert, I’m introducing you to some of the fine folks involved in the event or in my musical journey. Today we meet two people because they’re one musical act! The opening act! Kathryn and Greg are… THE LEFT BEHINDS!



What was your major in university? BFA Theatre Design & Directing U of L

When and how did The Left Behinds form a band? Ryan and Greg were a band with our friend Dana in my third year of University. Meanwhile I was in a girl folk band called “Hot Joel” with two friends. Both were more for jamming fun than actually pursuing music. At the end of the year, Dana and my two band mates graduated and left Lethbridge. One night Greg (who I still didn’t know very well) asked if I wanted to jam with Ryan and him one day. I said yes and it sort of snow balled from there. Like a magical moment where you realize: Hey! I like these guys!

If your plane crashed, would you want to be in a jungle, forest, desert, prairies, beach? Forest! I know more about the landscape and nature laws of a forest than anywhere else. I mean, there are bears, but at least there aren’t giant spiders. What’s the one item you’d want to have with you? A loaded question. Realistically (assuming I have no cell service) a first aid kit and rations. For fun: an instrument or bow and arrow. I could see myself getting really into archery in the wild…I don’t know why.

Would you rather have a pet rat or tarantula? Rat. We would earn one anothers respect.

What’s the phrase you hear yourself saying all the time? “Wicked” “I can’t get over this ___” I also say “I have this memory of___” and then I tell a long drawn out story.

What was your favorite childhood movie? Wizard of Oz.

If your life was a board game, which one would it be? Can I say a non board game? The game of “What If” which involves pieces of paper, and a pencil.



Which superhero are you most like? Iron Man

Who is the funniest person alive? Louis CK

If you had to choose between burnt toast or soggy toast, which would you choose? Burnt Toast

If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be? Stanley Kubrick What would you ask him? Why didn’t you make more movies?

What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas

What gives life the most meaning for you? Music

How did you spend recess back in the day? Playing Pokemon with my friends. And then The Matrix when that came out.

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Natalie is a young actress and singer/songwriter from Alberta. She plays uplifting folk music, adores her bike (Dora), her blue spatula, and her beloved guitar, Alexander von Larrivee.