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The People: Day 7

Today’s the day! For the last week I’ve been introducing you to 7 of the wonderful people who have played a part in my musical journey.



Role: Doorgirl at the concert!

Would you quit your day job to be a DJ full time? That is Correct…

What’s the most dance-able song in your head these days? HAPPY from Despicable Me 2 by Pharrell Williams

Pickles or olives? Dill Pickles

What’s the best part of being Auntie VaVa? Hanging out with the best kids in the world!

If your life was a movie, which movie would it be? I wish it was Get Smart or A League of Their Own… but in real life it is more like Office Space at this time…

What’s your favorite part of living on the farm? Peace, Quiet & Harvest time!

If you could hop on a plane today to go anywhere, where would you go? Maui or Cabo San Lucas

Sweet or salty? Salty

What do you want to do more than anything in this world? GOLF

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Natalie is a young actress and singer/songwriter from Alberta. She plays uplifting folk music, adores her bike (Dora), her blue spatula, and her beloved guitar, Alexander von Larrivee.