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The Grocery Store

While picking out apples at a recent trip to the grocery store, I found myself speaking lovingly to an imperfect apple as if he were a mis-fit child, and I the rescuer;

I’ll take you, Mr. Apple, don’t you worry.”

I was slightly amused when I realized I was speaking out loud to an apple. As if the apple needed my affirmation and encouragement. What I was really thinking about was how much perfectly good produce goes to waste because everyone chooses the shiniest un-blemished apples, and the less perfect-looking ones get left behind until they’re thrown into a dumpster.

But then I got to thinking about how well the lettuce grew in our garden the summer my friend Andrew gave the seeds a little blessing when he planted them. And how my jade tree bounced back after I gave him a rough trans-plant, but apologized and told him I loved him and would take really good care of him and I really wanted him to be a healthy happy tree.

I thought about that experiment where Dr. Emote observed the effect words have on water (Check it out)…

And I thought about Grace – “blessing the food”. It had never occurred to me that saying grace before a meal could be the same as speaking to an apple as I place it in my produce bag, claiming it as my own…choosing it.

In my mind, Grace (until now) was more about stopping before we eat the food to remember that God gave it to us. Almost a way of reminding ourselves that we’re small and incapable – dumb humans completely at the mercy of our deity to even survive. And it probably is that for a lot of people, not that they’d phrase it quite like that.

But if Grace is a way of saying, “Hello food. I’m really grateful that you’re here on my plate. I’m thankful that I’m lucky enough to have the luxury to choose you by your best-before-date. I appreciate what you’re going to give to my body, and I agree to put my own energy into using you up for every good thing you offer.”

Well, I like that. And I am grateful to the deity that expresses Love to me through this whole food thing. It is by the Grace – (Aha!) of the greater forces that I have food while others go hungry.  And no – it doesn’t mean people who are hungry aren’t loved. I can’t explain why some people are hungry.

But we can love.

We can share.

Let’s not waste. Let’s not be greedy. And at the very least, let’s stop for a moment to appreciate the food we have to eat. It’s hard to know what to do or how to feel or how to be helpful in situations like the one the world is in right now with the refugee crisis. Hm. I was listening to this song by my sage hero, Joni Mitchell just yesterday. Please listen

… Food for thought.

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